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Landell Mills conducts biochar training in Laos

Under the ADB funded 'Capacity Building for Efficient Utilization of Biomass for Bioenergy & Food Security in the Greater Mekong Sub region', Landell Mills undertook training in Laos on how to enhance biochar through best practice.

ABIF success story covered by BBC

18th November 2014, BBC news posted an article ...

ABIF Project Extension Confirmed

The Markets, Enterprise and Trade team is pleased to announce a 12-month extension to the Afghanistan Business Innovation Fund (ABIF), which will focus on offering post-grant support to its grantees.

Institutional Options Analysis for AREDP

The Markets, Enterprise and Trade team are pleased to confirm that they were awarded the contract to conduct an Institutional Options Analysis for the next phase of the Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program in Afghanistan and carried this out earlier this year. The contract was with the World Bank and the total contract value was $40,000.  

Two new faces at Landell Mills

Landell Mills welcomes two new staff to work in the Africa, Caribbean and Latin America Division.

Landell Mills in Central Asia water and environment cooperation

The project ‘Regional Coordination and Support for the EU – Central Asia Enhanced Regional Cooperation on Environment and Water (WECOOP)’ concluded with the 3rd Working Group Meeting, which was held in Almaty on 11th and 12th June.  

Landell Mills study on community resilience to climate change now published

Landell Mills study on the measurement of community resilience to climate variability and climate change commissioned by DFID is now available online on the Evidence on Demand website

Landell Mills starts new biochar project

Landell Mills has been awarded a new ADB project to carry out the field-testing of biochar in Nepal

Expansion of Asia Division

Following the award of a number of new projects we are pleased to welcome two new Project Executives to the Asia/Pacific Division: Alex Warrington and Flavio Bellomi.

Framework division latest achievements

The Framework division has recently reached some important milestones in Lots 1 (Rural Development) and 12 (Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Management and Post-crisis Assistance), having been awarded projects in excess of €4 million and €1 million turnover respectively since its creation in October 2009.

For our most recent award in Yemen under Lot 12, we were tasked with finding a team, preparing and submitting (and winning) an offer, and mobilising said team in two weeks! The Landell Mills team will be carrying out the Livelihoods component of a Joint Socio-Economic Impact Assessment - a national, multi-donor, sector-wide assessment that is already underway in Yemen. This should prove to be an interesting and challenging project.

The majority of other projects awarded have been in Africa, most recently in Swaziland, to establish a monitoring and evaluation system for the sugar sector, and in Uganda, with a study into the promotion of the Ugandan commercial beef industry. In Zambia, we have undertaken the formulation of the Conservation Agriculture Scaling Up project, which aims to increase crop productivity and production for target farmers, with particular focus on women farmers. We have also had success in Egypt, where we are currently carrying out two feasibility studies in the dairy and aquaculture sectors. Both studies are looking at ways to strengthen and increase the efficiency of each sector by improving the livelihoods of small farmers. We have also won and are implementing projects in Burundi, DRC, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia and Zimbabwe.

Earlier in the year the division was awarded two projects in Central Asia; an evaluation into the sustainability of producing animal health vaccines in Afghanistan, and in Tajikistan, technical assistance is being given to further develop the draft National Water Sector Strategy, with a view to developing a Water Sector Policy. We have also been awarded evaluation assignments in Lao PDR and Bhutan.

In the Caribbean, we were awarded a project in Suriname, in partnership with A.D.E., to assist the Suriname Business Forum (SBF) and Suriname Business Centre, and in Jamaica, we have provided a framework for the development of biomass energy in the country.