Our business model is one of business development and project supervision at our head office with specially selected project teams in the field. Our head office staff are grouped into strategic business units: Africa, Caribbean and Latin America; Francophone; European Neighbourhood and Middle East; Asia and Pacific; Studies and Evaluations; Frameworks; and Marketing, Communications and Knowledge Management. We also have a central finance team.

Our goal is to make sure that our field personnel have everything that they need to succeed – clear terms of reference, adequate equipment, sufficient money, the best project staff and access to pools of expertise, as needed – and are supervised appropriately to ensure that project objectives are achieved, client and partner relationships are working and the beneficiaries obtain the promised impacts of the project.

We group our activities into the following five categories of expertise:

  • Aid for trade, economic growth and private sector development

  • Livelihoods, food security and the rural economy

  • Governance and institutional development

  • Post conflict reconstruction and regeneration

  • Climate change, natural resources and the environment


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Photo © James Blewett