Afghan carpet company expansion creates new jobs following ABIF grant

Great news for business development in Afghanistan.

Thanks to the Afghanistan Business Innovation Fund (ABIF) managed by Landell Mills, with funding from DFID, businesses across Afghanistan are growing in strength, resulting in widespread socio-economic benefits to local communities.

A shining example is the work of Sahib Zaman Carpet Company (SZCC). With the help of Landell Mills, via ABIF, SZCC is reviving cotton yarn production in Afghanistan following decades of conflict, which had damaged both infrastructure and the cotton industry.

With the help of an incentivising grant from ABIF, SZCC invested in machinery to produce its own cotton yarn and no longer has to rely on imports. This has increased both the quantity and quality of carpets it exports.

The partnership with ABIF has allowed the business to substantially expand. The most pertinent benefit has been the creation 322 direct jobs and 1000 indirect jobs – mostly filled by women.

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PHOTO: Sahib Zaman Carpet Company worker

PHOTO: Sahib Zaman Carpet Company worker