'The Better Tomorrow’ highlights achievements of Panj-Amu River Basin Programme

Landell Mills and the EU have produced a short film about the impact of the EU-funded Panj-Amu River Basin Programme (P-ARBP), which you can watch below or on our YouTube channel.

PARBP youtube 1a.JPG

The film presents P-ARBP’s key achievements and features interviews with people who have benefitted from the programme, such as farmers, as well as with those who have been trained to manage the water resource better. The film also highlights how water allocation and water quality issues in the basin and sub basins have been addressed.

PARBP youtube 4.JPG
PARBP youtube 2.JPG

Prior to the intervention of the EU’s programmes, much water in the Panj-Amu river basin was being wasted or not used properly due to a lack of efficient water management. P-ARBP is being carried out to further develop integrated water resource management in the Panj-Amu river basin. As such, it has been a vehicle for the improvement of rural livelihoods and, consequently, to the overall economic recovery of Afghanistan. P-ARBP is being implemented by Landell Mills in the Panj-Amu river basin of Afghanistan and has been running since 2004.

Watch the film below.