Landell Mills and Schlumberger train project and government staff in groundwater management in Afghanistan

Landell Mills organised a recent training and water features tour in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The team from the Kabul Managed Aquifer Recharge Project and 15 government staff from the Afghanistan Ministry of Energy and Water and other government agencies attended. The training enhanced participants’ knowledge of groundwater as an important part of water supply.


The training was delivered from 22nd to 31st July by three members of staff from Schlumberger who are specialists in delivering world-leading technology in water services. Participants learned about groundwater studies, surveys and management. In addition, the firm shared its expertise in using groundwater telemetry equipment which measures water levels by collecting data that can then be visualised on a computer.

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The water features tour took participants to the Nurek hydro power plant dam, which is the second tallest dam in the world, and included studies of hydrogeology, field exercises, software analysis and equipment configuration.

The project team and government staff will apply the knowledge and resources from the training to the Kabul Managed Aquifer Recharge Project which is investigating various methods to improve groundwater levels and quality in Kabul, one of the most water-stressed cities in the world.

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