Landell Mills wins GIZ contract to improve water resource management in Afghanistan

Landell Mills has recently won a four-year GIZ contract funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. We are implementing Component 1: Strengthening the Planning and Management Capacity of the River Basin Agencies, which forms part of the GIZ Water Supply Improvement Programme (WSIP) Afghanistan.

The Afghan population face a lack of accessible safe drinking water, sanitation and sewerage infrastructure, which causes pollution and leads to water-borne diseases. Under this contract, Landell Mills will be helping River Basin Agencies monitor and plan water investments and manage water resources in a coordinated manner while addressing the needs of different water users. River Basin Agencies are decentralised entities who develop a river basin management strategy and a water allocation or distribution plan. They also make the rules about the allocation of the water and regulate the use of water within the basin.

WSIP has been providing assistance to the Afghan water sector since 2008 to improve the water supply, sanitation and sustainable protection of water resources, particularly for the urban poor. In addition, the project seeks to balance the need to provide drinking water with water requirements for industry, hydroelectricity and agriculture.