Landell Mills produces film about the revival of the citrus industry in Afghanistan under the EU-MAIL Transition Project

The European Union (EU)-funded EU-MAIL Transition Project managed by Landell Mills, and the Afghanistan National Horticulture Development Organization (ANHDO), have produced a short film about the revival of the citrus industry in Afghanistan.


The film showcases the EU’s and the Government of Afghanistan’s efforts to restore the citrus industry in Afghanistan, which was completely destroyed during the years of conflict in Afghanistan. Work has included the development of a certification system for the nursery industry, allowing citrus farmers to have access to healthy and true-to-type varieties for the establishment of modern citrus orchards.

The Government of Afghanistan and the EU’s series of interventions have contributed to the development of the private sector and, at the same time, to the creation of a sound institutional enabling environment for the private sector. In time, producers will be able to fulfil domestic demand and play a crucial role as exporters to neighbouring countries.

Watch the film here: