Improving water management in Tajikistan – project award

The sustainable management of water is central to rural livelihoods, food security, electricity and domestic water supply, sanitation and the environment. These issues lie at the heart of a new technical assistance project designed to build capacity in integrated water resources management in Tajikistan. We will be working with Mott MacDonald as partner on the 42-month project, which is funded by the European Union and has a total value of over €4 million.

The project will concentrate its efforts geographically in the Zarafshan sub-basin, although interventions will also be made at a central level. We will provide support in a range of areas including:

  • Development of water sector policy
  • Setting up river basin organisational structures
  • Development of water management planning tools
  • Improvement of irrigation infrastructure
  • Strengthening water management community organisations
  • Management of watersheds to reduce flash flooding and erosion
  • Monitoring and evaluation

The project will coordinate across sub-sectors to make efficient use of this finite resource, and to improve forest, land and pasture management, which all impact on water availability.