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Project Cyprus

15/02/24 - 15/04/25

Support to Residue Monitoring in the Turkish Cypriot community
Project Tajikistan

08/01/24 - 04/09/26

Annual performance assessments of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training, and Employment Sector Reform Performance Contract in the Republic of Tajikistan
Project Armenia

14/12/23 - 11/06/24

Technical assistance to the EU Delegation to Armenia for the identification and formulation of future actions in the field of green development and climate change
Project Fiji

09/08/23 - 31/12/24

TA-6742 REG: Building Coastal Resilience through Nature-Based and Integrated Solutions - Risk Financing and Insurance Solutions for Coastal Resilience (54212-001)
Project Nigeria

14/07/23 - 13/07/27

Technical Assistance to improve EU Visibility in Policy Areas and Development Cooperation
Project Jamaica

13/07/23 - 13/01/26

Design and Implementation of Public Diplomacy and Communication Strategy in Jamaica
Project Tajikistan

26/06/23 - 30/11/25

TA-6846 TAJ: Climate- and Disaster-Resilient Irrigation and Drainage Modernization in the Vakhsh River Basin Project - Consulting Firm to Support Operation & Maintenance and Financial Sustainability of Water Resources Infrastructure (53109-001)
Project Guinea-bissau

24/06/23 - 24/09/23

Final evaluation "Áreas protegidas e resiliência às mudanças climáticas"
Project Afghanistan

09/06/23 - 30/05/24

Afghanistan Water Sector Strategic Assessment - Groundwater Management Options Assessment
Project Morocco

05/06/23 - 20/05/26

Contrat de suivi appui budgetaire Terre Verte