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Project Tajikistan

28/09/22 - 31/12/23

Enhancing Climate Resilience in the Pyanj River Basin - Climate Change Assessments and Preparation of the Climate Change Adaptation Project (55217-001)
Project Pakistan

15/06/22 - 14/06/26

Technical Assistance to the Revival of Balochistan Water Resources Programme
Project Angola

14/06/22 - 13/06/26

Technical assistance for the implementation of the Regional Integration and Investment Support Programme in Central Africa (PAIRIAC)
Project Ghana

10/06/22 - 01/06/27

Consultancy Services for the Management of Ghana Skills Development Fund (GSDF)
Project Fiji

08/06/22 - 08/10/22

Mid-Term Evaluation of the Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) Programme
Project Vanuatu

14/05/22 - 14/08/22

Mid Term Evaluation Vanuatu Value Chain (VaVaC) Programme (Sector Reform Contract)
Project Senegal

23/03/22 - 24/03/23

Evaluation of WFP Country Strategic Plan for Senegal (2018-2023)
Project Burundi

21/03/22 - 14/03/23

Development of actions for flood mitigation in two urban areas in Burundi
Project Zimbabwe

21/03/22 - 11/09/22

Design of the Annual Action Programme 2023

04/03/22 - 03/11/23

Technical Assistance in support of the State and Resilience Building Contract 3, The Gambia