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EU-Zambia CSO Fair Success

News 17.05.17 Zambia Communications and knowledge management

The recent EU-Zambia CSO Fair that Landell Mills helped organise proved to be a great success. 30 civil society organisations took part, highlighting the many development activities currently supported by the EU in Zambia. There was also a sizable turn out from members of the public, who took the opportunity to learn more about EU development cooperation.

H.E. Alessandro Mariani, Ambassador of the European Union in Zambia, said of the event:

"This is a very successful event in our programme for Europe month in Zambia. I am very impressed by the large presence of young people who showed their active participation and deep interest in the development of Zambia. This is an example of the huge contribution that Zambia can expect from civil society and all Zambian citizens in its development path".