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Fostering water security and climate-resilience in dryland Kelamayi, PRC.

News 08.06.15 Environment, water, climate change and disaster risk reduction

Landell Mills is looking forward to starting work on the Asian Development Bank (ADB)funded Xinjiang Kelamayi Ecological Forest Infrastructure Project. The project aims to improve water security and climate-resilience in Kelamayi, PRC.

The project covers a range of sectors including:

  • Water conservation and management comprising drainage and irrigation.

  • Dryland agroforestry, encompassing improved agroforest practices and infrastructure facilities for supporting expansion of agroforestry areas.

  • Gender and culture sensitive social and economic development activities.

  • Innovative inclusive livelihood activities, including livestock and husbandry, food quality and safety, and climate and drought-resistant cropping.

The expected outcome of the project is strengthened water efficiency in dryland agroforestry in Kelamayi Agricultural Comprehensive Development Zone.

Landell Mills will be implementing the project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) to undertake due diligence in technical, safeguards, economic and financial, and poverty and social areas. The PPTA will help ensure compliance with ADB’s requirements and incorporation of international best practices in the project design. The loan project approved will have a budget of approximately $179 million.

The work will further add to our experience in the water and climate sector.