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Landell Mills awarded multiple EU-funded projects under the SIEA LOT 1 Framework contract

News 20.05.21 Framework contracts

Landell Mills is pleased to announce the award of multiple EU-funded projects under the SIEA LOT 1 framework contract.

Of these projects, our in-house Francophone Division has led implementation of Evaluation finale ENV/2013/24318 – AMCC-Réduction de la vulnérabilité climatique à São Tomé et Príncipe, which aims to provide an independent assessment of the GCCA project. The GCCA project intended to further engage the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe in an effective and sustainable process of adaptation to climate change and variability.

Working with our consortium partner Linpico, the Framework Division has been implementing Short-term Support for the State Cadastre of Albania; the objective of this project is to support the institutional transitional management of the State Cadastre Agency to modernise property rights and land management services, as well as support the design of a modernised central land information system to enable the Agency to deliver effectively its re-engineered services.

Also with Linpico, as well as sub-contractor S&T Serbia, the team has recently begun the first phase of Support to the IPARD Managing Authority and IPARD Agency with the Implementation of IPARD Measures. This project aims to strengthen the capacity of the relevant Ministry with regard to Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development (IPARD II) assistance in the Republic of Serbia.

Later in 2021, Landell Mills will be implementing External Assessment of Cambodia’s Fisheries Sector Policy, for 2021 and 2022 Budget Support Payments, which plans to support the preparation of the disbursement request for the budget support tranches 2021 and 2022 of the CAPFISH-Capture programme. Our new Environment and Water Division will lead implementation of EU Study on the Feasibility of Wind Power in Bangladesh and Proposed Interventions (2020-2025). Alongside this, our internal teams are currently implementing two important programme evaluations: the EUROCLIMA+ Mid-Term Evaluation (in partnership with Linpico) and the EU Joint Rural Development Programme Final Evaluation in Egypt.

Our final contract notification of 2020 came with Technical input and analysis in the area of animal health in the northern part of Cyprus, working with a core team of five and authorised veterinarians and technicians, to contribute to the reduction of prevalence of brucellosis in the northern part of Cyprus, the improved capacity of brucellosis laboratory to deliver quality results, the improved capacity of private veterinarians to implement intradermal tuberculin test according to the EU requirements; and an improved confidence in bovine tuberculosis and enzootic bovine leucosis status in the northern part of Cyprus.

We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation with our consortium partners, EU representatives, and beneficiaries in 2021. We also thank all of our selected experts for the successful completion of our projects, including Short-term Assistance to Support the Formulation of Actions in ACP Regions under the Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Applications Programme; Review of the DINU Programme Start-up; Municipal Finance Study on Energy, Climate and Environment Sectors; and Consultancy to Carry Out a Review of the Agricultural Sector Strategic Plan (ASSP II) and Formulation of the ASSP III for Uganda.

If you would like to take part in projects with Landell Mills under the SIEA LOT 1 framework and you have expertise in sustainable management of natural resources and related thematic areas, please email our FWC team at with your up-to-date CV, and we will get in touch for future opportunities.