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Landell Mills awarded multiple EU-funded projects under the SIEA Lot 1 framework contract

News 30.06.23 Framework contracts

Landell Mills is pleased to announce the award of multiple EU-funded projects under the SIEA Lot 1 framework contract between 2022 and the first half of 2023. Based on the list of awarded contracts under this framework contract, Landell Mills is the third most successful consortium out of ten, both in terms of number of specific contracts awarded and value implemented.

Our project highlights include supporting EU institutions in their management and coordination of Team Europe initiatives at both the regional level across Latin America and the Caribbean, and the national level in Cote d’Ivoire (with consortium partner Linpico). Linpico is also leading on implementation of a budget support assessment in Morocco under Lot 1.

Our current projects are linked to important EU regulations. In Thailand, our expert team have conducted a study into the impact of regulations prohibiting the placing on the EU market of certain commodities (wood, soy, palm oil, coffee, cocoa, and cattle) that are a) not deforestation and forest degradation-free and b) not legally produced. Likewise, in the northern part of Cyprus, our expert team is overseeing authorised veterinarians and laboratory technicians sample and test cattle, sheep, and goats for a variety of animal diseases (brucellosis, tuberculosis, foot and mouth disease, etc.), with the aim of declaring a zero-prevalence status in the northern part of Cyprus, and ultimately allowing the region to sell halloumi to the EU.

Another highlight is our implementation of our first specific contract in Ukraine. The objective of the assignment is to promote circular economy and sustainable production and consumption in Ukraine through the creation of a Circular Economy Strategy and Action Plan, in order to contribute to rendering the Ukrainian economy more modern, clean, resource-efficient, and competitive, while protecting citizens from environmental risks and impacts. For this project, we are working with our partners Linpico and Danish Energy Management, as well as our local partner Civitta.

Our team has been implementing several important programme evaluations, covering technical areas as varied as protected area management, sustainable fisheries, and nutrition, in countries such as Guinea, Ethiopia, and Guinea Bissau, as well as regional programme evaluations in the Pacific and specifically the French Pacific.

In addition, our consortium has been delivering identification and formulation missions for the European Commission, including work in Burundi, Zimbabwe, Armenia, Bonaire, and Myanmar, as well as work supporting DG International Partnerships to formulate a global programme on ocean governance, conservation, and sustainable use, supporting EU policies and priorities in international ocean governance while at the same time improving the resilience and livelihoods of people in developing countries, in particular Small Island Developing States and Least Developed Countries.

If you would like to take part in projects with Landell Mills under the SIEA LOT 1 framework and you have expertise in sustainable management of natural resources and related thematic areas, please email our Frameworks (FWC) team at with your up-to-date CV, and we will get in touch for future opportunities!