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Landell Mills completes Final Evaluation of ASARA Project in partnership with Frankfurt School

News 16.07.19 Madagascar Monitoring, evaluation and learning

Landell Mills, in partnership with Frankfurt School, has recently completed the final evaluation of the EU-funded ASARA project in Madagascar which improved food security and agriculture production in the southern regions of Madagascar.

Landell Mills mobilised a team of four experts specialised in rural development, food security, agriculture and gender to undertake the final evaluation from November 2018 to April 2019. The team assessed the impact, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and relevance of the project while paying particular attention to cross-cutting issues such as gender, cultural considerations and climate change.

Photos by Tristan Dumas, Evaluation and Rural development expert

Field visits in the southern regions of Madagascar (Androy, Anosy and Atsimo-Atsinanana) were organised by Landell Mills where the team met a wide range of stakeholders, beneficiaries and local communities to collect critical qualitative and quantitative data to inform the evaluation. A workshop featuring a presentation on the team's findings took place in Antananarivo with more than 40 of ASARA's operators and stakeholders in attendance. They gave feedback on the experts' analysis and recommendations to be considered for the implementation of the follow-on project, AFAFI South, which is supporting agriculture and inclusive value chains, and sustaining the positive impact of ASARA.

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