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Landell Mills’ consortium completes study on energy, climate and environment sectors in Eastern Partnership countries

News 03.07.20 Environment, water, climate change and disaster risk reduction

Landell Mills is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 'Municipal Finance Study on Energy, Climate and Environment Sectors in the Eastern Partnership Countries', in partnership with Danish Energy Management as a lead implementing partner and Linpico.

The study started in November 2019 and assessed the gaps in municipal investments in the renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate and environment sectors in cities with less than 300,000 inhabitants in Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, to present recommendations for future EU interventions on how to address these gaps and contribute to more sustainable municipal investments in these sectors.

The expert team undertook a literature review of relevant EU interventions and met with DG Near and Brussels-based executive agencies such as DG CLIMA, DH ENV and DG ENER, before conducting field visits to each of the six Eastern Partnership countries (except for Armenia due to the COVID-19 pandemic). Country interviews included consultations with EU Delegations, EU implementing partners and other key donors, selected local authorities, Covenant of Mayors representatives and supporters, and beneficiaries of EU finance. Specific projects and cities were also visited when relevant, to provide accurate feedback on difficulties experienced by smaller municipalities in implementing projects.

The study's findings integrate a review of municipalities' responsibilities, budgeting and borrowing capacities; a market review of energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, urban public transportation and environment and climate adaptation; and insights on the available financial mechanisms for municipalities (including grants, IFIs, domestic financing and green energy finance mechanisms).

Overall, the study recommends that a broader view is taken when looking at the support and activities that are needed for municipal investments, to achieve a shared vision for the related interventions. With a specific focus on the current context in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the study reiterates the need to be more ambitious and flexible than ever, as has already been highlighted by the European Council for the Eastern Partnership. Finally, alongside macro-level recommendations, the study highlights the importance of strong support at national and municipal levels in the Eastern Partnership countries, coupled with capacity building interventions relating to budgeting, technology, and overall knowledge sharing.

Findings were discussed in detail during a dedicated webinar which took place in June with DG Near and stakeholders who took part in the study. The level of engagement and the encouraging feedback on the study outcomes are promising signs for future progress in interventions funded by the EU under the Eastern Partnership in the field of environmental, energy and climate financing.

For more information download the summary of findings and recommendations.

Municipal Finance Study Image.png

This study was realised thanks to the support of DG Near who funded and guided the project and the three specialists in climate financing who led the project, Ms Helen Ryding, Mr Morten Søndergaard and Rafal Stanek, along with their project managers, Ingrid Leth-Møller from Danish Energy Management and Camille Thomasset from Landell Mills International.