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Landell Mills contributes to first ever Annual EU International Cooperation and Development Results Report

News 23.08.16 Monitoring, evaluation and learning

The Landell Mills-led Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) services for the EU's projects and programmes in the Asia, Middle East and Pacific region (Lot 3) in partnership with Linpico SARL and Proman, has provided key data for the first ever Annual EU Results Report.

The ROM contract, worth over €9 million and in effect since January 2015, requires Landell Mills to gather and compile results from EU-funded activities across the Asia Pacific region. Co-ordinated by the team at the Brussels office, the results were aligned with the reporting system of the new EU International Cooperation and Development Results Framework under a specific activity called 'End of Project Results Reporting' (EPRR).

This annual report is the first of its kind and aims to provide all stakeholders, including European citizens, with selected results achieved from EU funded development cooperation projects and programmes. The featured projects were completed between mid-2013 and mid-2014 in sectors ranging from agriculture and rural development through to human rights and education. The publication of this new report highlights the European Commission's efforts to strengthen accountability and transparency in the area of international cooperation and development.

Please download the full report through the link below: