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Landell Mills develops videos featuring Jamaica Forestry Department as part of EU-funded visibility project

News 13.07.21 Jamaica Communications and knowledge management

A series of four videos have been produced and released featuring the Jamaica Forestry Department’s EU-funded activities, as part of the ‘Visibility for Addressing Environmental and Climate Change Challenges through Improved Forest Management in Jamaica’ framework contract managed by Landell Mills.

Multiple projects, including The Alternative Livelihoods Project run by the Sawyers Local Forest Management Committee Benevolent Society, are featured in the videos, which highlight the ways in which the activities are aiding rural and indigenous communities, and how the forest is central to these communities’ lifestyles and employment.

Peru Farms, one project supported by the EU and the Forestry Department, is featured in the videos. The farm, owned and operated by the Northern Caribbean University, established a 10-acre agro-forestry plot as well as a small nursery at a campus in Mandeville, through the European Union's Budget Support Programme. This underscores the University's belief in food security and safety and will also provide support to the local community.

The videos aim to increase awareness of the forest sector and its success stories in Jamaica, specifically focusing on how communities living in forest dependent areas have benefited from EU support. The overall goal of this contract is to develop structured communication on forest actions related to the Improved Forest Management for Jamaica Action implementation, and to deliver a coherent, articulated message on EU Development Cooperation in Jamaica.

The project runs from June 2019 to June 2022. More information can be found here.