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Landell Mills is implementing two EU-funded projects under FWC SIEA Lot 3 Human Rights, Democracy and Peace

News 06.11.18 Framework contracts

Landell Mills is pleased to announce our implementation of two EU-funded projects through the SIEA Lot 3 framework contract relating to Human Rights, Democracy and Peace.

Final Evaluation of the Institutional Capacity Building in the Modernisation of Civil Service Planning Programme in Angola

We are implementing this programme in collaboration with GFA Consulting GmbH. This assignment is our first through the SIEA Lot 3 framework contract and seeks to complement our existing evaluation experience in Southern Africa. The assignment aims to conduct a global and complete analysis of the performance and results achieved of the programme and to generate evidence that will support recommendations and lesson-learning to inform and justify future interventions and actions.

Global Evaluation of the EU Support Projects on Elections, Electoral Cycle 2012-2016

We will be conducting this evaluation with GFA Consulting GmbH, our lead partner on the SIEA Lot 3 Human Rights, Democracy and Peace framework contract. This evaluation will provide the European Union and the relevant stakeholders with an overall independent assessment of the past performance of two programmes in Ghana: ‘Support to Independent Governance Institutions Involved in the Election Process (2012)’ and ‘Support to Independent Government Institutions Involved in the Electoral Process – Electoral Cycle 2016’.