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Landell Mills kicks off internal knowledge-sharing for 2024

News 06.03.24 Company news

Georgie Bassett, Landell Mills’ Environment Specialist, recently gave a presentation about environmental assessments, which is the process of identifying future consequences of a current or proposed action or activity.

The presentation was part of Landell Mills’ series of ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions, given by Landell Mills' staff to their colleagues. The sessions are designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise between company divisions.

Georgie’s presentation covered a range of environmental assessments, including Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE). Staff also learned about Environmental Management Plans (EMP), which is part of the environmental assessment and provides an action plan of how to mitigate and monitor the environmental impacts raised in the assessment.