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Landell Mills organises second Zarafshon Basin Dialogue under the EU-funded Zarafshon Integrated Basin Project

News 21.05.19 Tajikistan Environment, water, climate change and disaster risk reduction

The second Zarafshon Basin Dialogue took place in April 2019 at the Dilkusho teahouse in Panjakent Town in Tajikistan. Landell Mills organised the Dialogue under the Zarafshon Integrated Basin Project in collaboration with the Technical Assistance team and the Zarafshon Basin Working Group (ZBWG), a group of professionals from the basin who are receiving training to prepare them for their future task as a River Basin Agency.

The Zarafshon Newspaper features an article about the Zarafshon Basin Dialogue

The Dialogue informed stakeholders about how to put the Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) approach into practice and gave them a platform to share their opinions about the challenges and priorities for the second phase of the project. It also promoted the EU's Rural Development Programme. The Dialogue was reported in the national media, including a 15-minute feature on regional TV and a regional newspaper.

90 stakeholders attended, including several government and civic dignitaries including the Head of the Water Resources Department, Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, and the Deputy Head of the Agency of Land Reclamation and Improvement (ALRI). Representatives from several organisations were also present, including local municipal governments, NGO projects and community organisations including Water Users Associations and pasture management unions, among others.

Members of Landell Mills Technical Assistance Team: Dr Claude de Patoul (Team Leader) and Anvar Kamolidinov (Deputy Team Leader and Institutional Development Expert)

Roundtable discussion with Mr Afroz of the Zarafshon Working Group and Joachim Boenisch of Welt Hunger Hilfe

Presentations were given on various topics including the National Water Strategy in Tajikistan, water allocation and natural resource management. Other IWRM programmes working in river basins in Tajikistan also gave presentations on the progress they have made in their basins. A lively discussion followed during the working session about major water related issues in the basin.

Landell Mills has been providing Technical Assistance to the Government of Tajikistan since 2016 to build institutional capacity in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and contribute to the sustainable management and protection of water and land resources in Tajikistan. The project is funded by the European Union.

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