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Landell Mills supports preparations for engaging SADC-ICP dialogue

News 16.12.21 Policy, dialogue, regional integration, and governance

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat recently commended Landell Mills for its ‘immaculate work’ in supporting the preparation of the annual SADC dialogue with International Cooperation Partners (ICPs).

This year’s dialogue, held virtually on 30 November 2021, focused on joint efforts in addressing the impact of COVID-19 and approaches for coordinated support towards the implementation of the region’s strategies and priorities. The dialogue was co-chaired by Mr. Chauncy Simwaka, Chair of SADC Standing Committee of Senior Officials, and Ambassador Jan Sadek, Head of Delegation of the European Union to Botswana and SADC and current Chair of ICPs. Participants included members of the SADC Double Troika comprising six SADC Member States, a majority of SADC ICPs, representatives of Diplomatic Missions of SADC Member States in Gaborone, and officials from the SADC Secretariat.

At the request of the SADC Secretariat, Landell Mills provided preparatory support which included reviewing and enhancing the contents of the SADC internal engagement paper, and packaging and enriching technical contents into attractive and concise presentations to inform vibrant engagements during the dialogue. Landell Mills carried out these tasks as part of a technical assistance project with the SADC Secretariat to enhance cooperation and dialogue for regional integration.

Following the dialogue, senior SADC Secretariat staff thanked Landell Mills for demonstrating excellent teamwork, commitment, professionalism, innovation, and timeliness in the delivery of products. Landell Mills is honoured to have contributed to this important dialogue and will continue to work with the SADC Secretariat to enhance the regional integration agenda.

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