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Landell Mills to deliver variety of high quality projects as lead partner on EU SIEA Lot 1 Framework Contract

News 24.08.18 Framework contracts

Landell Mills is pleased to announce it is a lead partner on the EU Framework Contract Services for the Implementation of External Aid for Lot 1 Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience (FWC SIEA Lot 1). We are leading a consortium of nine partners including Adam Smith International, Danish Forestry Extension, Danish Management, Ecologic Institute, Frankfurt School, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Linpico, Natural Resources Institute (University of Greenwich), and Teagasc (the Agriculture and Food Development Authority).

Landell Mills has been managing EU Framework Contracts for over 10 years, implementing more than 150 short-term assignments in excess of 50 countries. We hosted our first consortium meeting in June in the Pump Rooms in the city of Bath. The meeting highlighted the consortium’s abilities to supply the best quality services at very short notice through extensive framework experience and excellent networks and systems which have been established and proven over time.

Our consortium looks forward to successfully delivering a wide variety of high quality projects under FWC SIEA Lot 1.