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Landell Mills wins EU-funded contract to build capacities of State authorities in eastern Sudan

News 03.12.18 Sudan Policy, dialogue, regional integration, and governance

The EU has contracted Landell Mills to implement the Capacity Building Project for State Authorities in the East which is one component of the predominantly EU-funded Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) for the Horn of Africa. Landell Mills will work closely with the State Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in Kassala to strengthen the local development process, including enhancing the capacity of the Ministry’s Department of Economic Development and Planning in its role as the coordinating body for international aid agencies and their development and humanitarian activities.

Given that Sudan, and the Eastern states in particular, are home to many refugees and migrants, mainly from South Sudan and the Horn of Africa, one of the key activities will be to establish a reliable data information system, which will function as a tool for the Ministry to facilitate the prioritisation of needs in relation to basic service provision in areas such as Health, Education and WASH.

Overall, it is expected that the project will contribute towards improving the livelihoods, human development, and overall wellbeing of both refugees and host-communities in the region.

The project will run for 24 months and is expected to start in January 2019.