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Landell Mills wins new contract with UNICEF Sudan

News 07.11.19 Sudan Health

Landell Mills is pleased to announce the award of a contract by UNICEF in Sudan: ‘Creative Communication Strategy and Product Development for UNICEF’s Essential Family Practices C4D Programme’. The project began implementation in September 2019.

UNICEF Sudan’s Eight Essential Family Practices Programme is being implemented by UNICEF Sudan’s Communication for Development (C4D) Section and aims to help communities, and particularly young people, with finding solutions to drive change for themselves.

Under this new contract, Landell Mills will develop a creative communications strategy aimed at developing a mechanism for the collection, storage and presentation of data on attitudes and behaviour in relation to the eight practices. In addition, we will provide innovative communications tools that will enable the sharing of information to positively influence behaviour in relation to the above Eight Essential Family Practices. We will also establish a robust monitoring system for gathering data on attitudes and behaviour in relation to these practices to enable change to be measured.

The eight practices are designed for families with children under five years old and consist of: 1) Exclusive breastfeeding; 2) Complete immunisation by age 18 months; 3) Handwashing with soap and water; 4) Open defecation free; 5) Sleeping under insecticide treated bed nets; 6) Use of oral rehydration solution for diarrhoea; 7) Recognising signs of pneumonia and seeking early care; 8) Birth registration and certification.

Landell Mills currently manages several contracts in Sudan. More information about these projects can be found below: