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Landell Mills wins new projects under SIEA Lot 1 Framework for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience

News 25.06.19 Framework contracts

Landell Mills' Framework team is pleased to announce the awards and implementation of new projects through the SIEA Lot 1 Framework for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience.

We are currently undertaking the Evaluation of Project Proposals submitted under the SWITCH-Asia and Central Asia II - Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production Programme for DG DEVCO. The evaluation is being implemented in partnership with our consortium partners Danish Energy Management, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and Linpico; and will support the European Commission in the identification of the project proposals that contribute best to achieving the objectives of the grant component of the SWITCH-Asia II Programme.

In addition, since April and in partnership with Linpico, we have been conducting a Final Evaluation of the project Support to The Regional Action Plan Against Fruit Flies in West Africa. The project is implemented by the EUD in cooperation with ECOWAS and Agence Francaise de Développement among other regional stakeholders to manage the scourge of fruit flies at the regional, national and local levels, and work with mango producers and exporters in 11 countries of West Africa. The evaluation is analysing the project's performance and impact in its eleven implementation countries and will run until July 2019 with the support of our experts specialised in entomology, food security and agriculture.