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Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project in Cambodia is approved

News 03.01.23 Cambodia Company news

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $73 million project, titled the Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project, that was designed by a technical assistance team mobilised by Landell Mills. The project aims to boost the climate resilience and sustainability of coastal and marine fisheries in Cambodia.

Cambodia’s fishery sector accounts for 8-10% of the country’s gross domestic product, making it an important part of their economy. However, overfishing and climate change have both led to a significant decline in fish stocks, impacting coastal communities and driving up the price of fish.

The Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project will focus on strengthening Cambodia’s marine fishery, as well as the country’s contribution to shared fish stocks and ecosystems in the Gulf of Thailand, in various ways including:

  • Consulting with representatives from more than 25 community fisheries or community-protected areas over 10 months to understand the best approach to fish and marine recourse restocking potential while sustaining livelihoods.
  • Introducing schemes to facilitate a reduction of the fishing pressure and related monitoring schemes, including for improved and systematic catch reporting and/or gear replacement.
  • Identifying partnerships with research institutes, such as the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), to facilitate data collection and sharing across the Gulf of Thailand during the implementation phase.
  • Deploying drones and remote sensing technology for the identification of areas suitable for mangrove restoration, contributing to increased ecosystem resilience, restoration, and enhanced productivity along coastal areas.
  • Designing a business incubation programme for the development of mariculture, targeted at community fisheries, community protected areas, and individuals along the coast.

You can read more about the project on the ADB website.