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Zarafshon Integrated Sub Basin Project Working Group holds inauguration meeting

News 10.07.17 Uzbekistan Environment, water, climate change and disaster risk reduction

The first meeting of the Zarafshon Integrated Sub Basin Working Group has taken place in Ayni, Tajikistan.

The Zarafshon Integrated Sub Basin Project (ZISP), which is managed by Landell Mills and funded by the European Union, aims to build the capacity of integrated water resources management in Tajikistan and specifically the Zarafshon sub-basin. The working group has been established with the support of ZISP and will eventually become a fully-functioning River Basin Agency.

Approximately 40 participants attended the inauguration meeting, which marked the start of the Groupâs work. Participants included representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MEWR); the Agency of Land Reclamation and Irrigation (ALRI); the Agricultural Management Departments of Ayni, Panjakent and Mountainous Maschoh districts; and the European Union.

The event was officially opened by the Deputy Minister of the MEWR, Sulton Rahimzoda, and ZISP team leader, Jelle Beekma. Following this, Rustam Abdulloev from MEWR presented on 'The Importance of Water Resources for Development in the regions of Tajikistan and the Water Sector Reforms in Tajikistan'.

The meeting concluded with each of the working group members receiving an acceptance letter from the project Team Leader, Jelle Beekma. Following the meeting, the working group will now start to focus on capacity building.

MEWR Deputy Minister, Sulton Rahimzoda making his welcome speech.