Our experience covers economic growth and private sector development; livelihoods, food security and the rural economy; governance, policy and institutional development; water resources, fisheries and aquaculture. Recent projects include:

Evaluation Support Service

Landell Mills is providing support to DEVCO’s Evaluation Unit to ensure substantive use of robust evaluation findings in decision-making processes. We will enhance the evaluation practice and learning capacity of European Commission staff in Headquarters and Delegations, thereby contributing to learning culture.

Country: Brussels
End date: 31/01/2021
Value: €3,813,320

Kabul Managed Aquifer Recharge Project

This Asian Development Bank funded project will address the lack of accessible safe drinking water in Kabul City, one of the most water-stressed cities in the world. Through pilot studies, the suitability of managed aquifer recharge will be tested as a method for increasing drinkable water.

Country: Afghanistan
End date: 31/03/2020
Value: $6,689,578

DRC Private Sector Development Flexible Facility Programme

DFID is providing up to £100 million over a five year period (2014-2020) to stimulate Private Sector Development in DRC. As part of a PWC consortium, Landell Mills is addressing market failures, business environment issues and access to credit by strategically targeting key constraints. This multilevel intervention aims to strengthen the contribution of the private sector to social and economic growth, job creation and poverty alleviation in DRC.

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
End date: 06/01/2020
Value: £1,000,000

Integrated Support Service on Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture (ISS-FANSSA)

ISS FANSSA is the Integrated Support Service on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture. Landell Mills manages the technical advisory service providing support to Unit C1 of the European Commission's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO). The project will improve the effectiveness of EU interventions to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 2: “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.

The contract covers food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture, including governance of land tenure and inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth. The focus is on three key areas: Monitoring and evaluation; Knowledge sharing and communications; and gender equality.

The contract covers both the European Commission in Brussels and EU Delegations in countries implementing programmes focusing on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture.

End date: 31/12/2019
Value: €5,657,600

Zarafshon Integrated Sub-basin Project

This European Commission funded project aims to strengthen sustainable management of natural resources in Tajikistan, resulting in improved livelihoods for communities. The aim is to achieve an integrated approach to the management of water by following established integrated water resources management principles.

In order to provide a focus for project interventions, the project will concentrate its efforts geographically in the Zarafshan sub-basin, although interventions will also be taken at the central level.

Country: Tajikistan
End date: 27/12/2019
Value: 4,047,250

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Support to Technical Assistance for Strengthening National Capacities in Food Fortification

The European Commission has contracted Landell Mills and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to deliver advisory services on food fortification. Through the provision of institutional and technical support, the contract aims to strengthen the institutional and technical capacities of beneficiary countries in relation to food fortification.

End date: 11/12/2019

Value: €5.5 million

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Information, Communication, and Visibility Activities for the EU Delegation to Zambia

The European Commission contracted Landell Mills to improve awareness of the EU-Zambia partnership in all its dimensions. Communication and visibility activities include design and development of promotional materials, case studies, films, media management and organisation of several large scale events including an NGO fair, EU Walk/Run and Film Festival. The project also includes an element of training to increase delegation staff capacity to use communications tools effectively.

Country: Zambia
End date: 15/10/2019
Value: €419,000

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Project Management Design and Supervision Consulting Services under Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project

Landell Mills was chosen by Asian Development Bank to improve water quantity and quality, and resilience to the impact of potential climate change in the Bagmati River Basin. It builds on the general public’s desire to restore the river environment in the Kathmandu Valley, and the Government’s efforts to mitigate the impact of water-induced disasters in the middle and lower reaches of the basin. The project adopts the principles of integrated water resources management and is the first project in Nepal to practically apply this management strategy since its adoption under the 2005 national water plan.

Country: Nepal
End date: 03/07/2019
Value: $3,277,116

Results-Oriented Monitoring within the Framework of the EU's External Assistance

Results-Oriented Monitoring reviews assist the European Commission’s services and delegations in monitoring and reporting on EU financed development and cooperation projects and programmes in developing countries. These independent reviews assess the progress of implementation and the achievement of project results.

End date: 30/04/2019
Value: € 13,020,492

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European Union Support to capacitate MAIL in Transition for Sustainable Public Services Delivery

 Landell Mills is working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock (MAIL) in Afghanistan and relevant public, semi-public and private entities previously supported by EU-funded agricultural programmes. The project will strengthen agriculture as a pillar of development within Afghanistan. In order to improve sustainability the project is providing both technical and financial support in order to move the administration of projects to the Ministry itself, as opposed to external EU support.

The Transition Project seeks the most sustainable solutions to the continuation of services within the agriculture sub-sector of horticulture, seed certification, animal health, statistics and food security. We work both at ministerial and inter-ministerial level, supporting the institutional strengthening and the improvement of national regulations and with relevant MAIL Directorates to strengthen their technical capacity for service delivery.

Country: Afghanistan
End date: 31/12/2018
Value: €13,870,200

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Institutional Strengthening and Policy Dialogue Support

This EU funded project aims to strengthen public institutions and non-state actors and develop capacities for policymaking, planning and implementation in Myanmar. It will respond to citizens’ needs and contribute to socio-economic development.

The Institutional Strengthening and Policy Dialogue Support Project is closely aligned with the long-term National Comprehensive Development Plan. It also forms part of the third wave of the ambitious reform agenda, known as the four waves. In the current third wave the government is focusing on governance and administrative reform.

Country: Myanmar
End date: 31/12/2018
Value: €12,216,426

Technical Assistance to the Rural Smallholders Component of the Sudan Food Security Programme

The overall aim of the Sudan Food Security Programme is to contribute to improved food security in the Republic of Sudan. Landell Mills was chosen by the EU to support the second component of the Programme which aims to improve the productivity and income of rural smallholders, and therefore their livelihoods, through the introduction of extension packages to improve production techniques.

The Programme is implemented in four target states. In Gedaref, Kassala and Blue Nile States, the focus is on improving sorghum productivity by smallholder farmers during the rain-fed agricultural season.

Country: Sudan
End date: 01/12/2018
Value: €3,800,000

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Visibility and Communication Activities for the EU Delegation to Rwanda

Landell Mills worked with the EU Delegation to Rwanda on a communications project which enhanced the visibility of the EU and its contribution to development cooperation. Activities included the organisation of a European film festival and street fair and a series of debate panels. Communications focussed on areas central to EU-Rwanda development cooperation, including energy, transport, agriculture, governance and support to civil society.

Country: Rwanda
End date: 11/04/2018
Value: €269,940.00

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