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AgriTT programme features at Africa Agriculture Science Week in Rwanda

News 09.08.16 Rwanda Agriculture, fisheries, food security and nutrition

Landell Mills' Project Executive, Elle Harrison, recently attended a conference in Kigali to showcase the AgriTT programme whose focus for the event was 'making Chinese technology work for African agriculture'.

AgriTT is one of the first trilateral cooperation programmes working in partnership to accelerate agricultural technology transfer between the UK, China and Africa. It is funded by DFID and implemented by Landell Mills.

Organised by the AgriTT programme management office, lead researchers from four out of the eleven AgriTT-funded Research Challenge Fund projects were invited to present and share lessons learnt from their experience of working with China. Throughout the triennial Africa Agriculture Science Week conference, AgriTT also ran an eye-catching exhibition stand alongside other organisations where participants could meet and share their knowledge.

The four presenters and their presentations were as follows:

  • Hongmei Li and Joelle Kajuga: Transfer of sustainable pest management technology from China to Rwanda.
  • Rhodes Makundi: Contraceptive baits to limit fertility and reproductive performance of rodents: Can hormonal control limit rodent populations?
  • Pradeep Malakar: Optimising mushroom spawn production in Uganda.
  • Emmanuel Kaunda: Enhancing tilapia production in Malawi.

The presentations and discussions generated significant interest around potential benefits and highlighted future recommendations such as understanding local conditions and the value of study trips to China.

To find out more visit the AgriTT website or follow AgriTT on Twitter.