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End of Programme Success and Lesson Learning Conference held in Malawi for the AgriTT Research Challenge Fund

News 04.04.16 Malawi Agriculture, fisheries, food security and nutrition

Landell Mills is currently implementing the DFID-funded AgriTT programme, one of the first trilateral cooperation programmes that works in partnership to accelerate agricultural technology transfer between the UK, China and Africa. In so doing, AgriTT has funded 11 trilateral research projects over a 24-month period. The themes of the research projects range from unlocking the potential of aquaculture in Africa to the development of an AgriApp that applies Chinese mobile phone technology for agricultural information dissemination.

AgriTT Research Challenge Fund.jpg

AgriTT hosted the Research Challenge Fund End of Programme Success and Lesson Learning Conference in Malawi from 9-10 March 2016. Forty participants from 11 countries, including members of the 11 project teams, attended the conference. It provided participants with an excellent opportunity to share the successes and learn the lessons of the trilateral research.

Landell Mills staff members, Sophie Mottram and Elle Harrison, supported the organisation and hosting of the conference. The conference was a great success and emphasised the achievements of the AgriTT research challenge fund and the potential future impact of the research undertaken.

Please visit the AgriTT website for more information on the programme and the research challenge fund projects, in particular. Please contact Elle on for further information.