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Food fortification: Infopoint seminar to showcase the achievements and lessons learnt from Landell Mills’ EU-funded 2FAS contract

News 10.02.23 Agriculture, fisheries, food security and nutrition

The European Union (EU) funded Food Fortification Advisory Services (2FAS) contract, implemented by Landell Mills in partnership with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), has now ended after seven years of implementation. To mark the end of the contract, on Monday 12 December 2022, the 2FAS team hosted an Infopoint seminar at the EU in Brussels.

The purpose of the Infopoint seminar was to present the achievements and lessons learnt over the course of the 2FAS project, as well as to provide recommendations to EU colleagues for future food fortification programming. Topics also included key findings from the 2FAS research portfolio, as well as achievements from the 2FAS-supported projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, The Gambia, and Sudan.

One of the main achievements of the project was raising the profile of food fortification within the European Commission (EC) and at EU Delegations (EUDs) around the world. Food fortification was not a prominent theme in EU programming prior to the 2FAS project however, after seven years of project implementation, there has been a growing interest in and understanding of food fortification as a useful strategy in reducing micronutrient deficiencies.

The Infopoint seminar was opened with remarks by Mr. Willem Olthof, Deputy Head of INTPA F3; and speakers included Mr. Christophe Guyondet, 2FAS Team Leader; and 2FAS Senior Experts Ms. Inge Verdonk, Mr. Mohamed Mansour, and Ms. Vanessa Jones. There was a Q&A session for the audience, with responses given by the speakers. The Infopoint seminar was a hybrid event, with participants attending both in person and virtually. Ms. Fadoi Chaouki, Policy Officer Nutrition for INTPA F3, closed the seminar by giving her appreciation to the 2FAS team for the success of the project and by thanking the projects’ implementing partners, EUD colleagues, and private sector partners for their involvement.

For more information about the work of the project, please visit the 2FAS website.