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Landell Mills completes inception phase of new livestock project in Sudan

News 01.06.20 Sudan Agriculture, fisheries, food security and nutrition

Landell Mills is pleased to have successfully completed the inception phase of a new contract based in Sudan. The 29-month project, 'Technical Assistance to Establish and Run LMRP Public Private Partnership Unit (PPPU)', was awarded to Landell Mills in November 2019.

The 'Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme' (LMRP) was designed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in response to a request from the Government of Sudan (GoS). The aim of the programme is to revive the livestock industry, optimise the use of a diminishing natural resource base under threat from climate change and address widespread rural poverty.

Through a new technical assistance contract, Landell Mills will manage the implementation of LMRP Component 1.2. The purpose of this component is to develop and structure bankable transactions in the live animals, red meat, and hides/skins/leather value chains that could be successfully offered by the relevant GoS agencies to private investors for financing, construction, operation, and maintenance using Pro-Poor Public Private Partnerships contracts.

Landell Mills was invited to the Ministry of Animal Resources by the Minister, H.E. Dr. Alamuddin Abdullah Absher (centre) and Undersecretary, Dr. Adil Farah (fifth from right) to present the project.

During the inception phase of the contract, the team carried out a program of meetings with: the IFAD/LMRP Programme Director and senior staff; the Ministry of Animal Resources; the Ministry of Agriculture; the Ministry of Finance; the Union of Chambers of Commerce; legal advisors; and several private and public sector enterprises, including DAL Group, Haggar Group, and Etegahat. The programme also involved visits to two abattoirs, including the new Al Kadro Meat Processing Complex and the Etegahat feedlot in Omdurman.

Etagahat Feedlot in Omdurman

Etagahat Feedlot in Omdurman