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Landell Mills featured in 2021 Global Summit on Food Fortification

News 02.06.21 Agriculture, fisheries, food security and nutrition

Landell Mills recently featured in a 90-minute webinar on 'Thinking Regionally about Industrial Food Fortification', held on April 29th 2021 as part of the Second Global Summit on Food Fortification's 2021 virtual series. The webinar was co-hosted by the European Union and USAID. Ms. Dora Panagides, our Team Leader for the EU-funded Food Fortification Advisory Services (2FAS) contract, implemented by Landell Mills in partnership with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), featured as a webinar speaker. She gave a historical overview of regional fortification efforts in five regions (Eastern Mediterranean; Central America; Central Asia; East, Central and Southern Africa; and West Africa) and presented the main components behind regional cooperation efforts.


The purpose of the webinar was to reflect on the progress, challenges, and successes of existing regional industrial food fortification programmes, and to identify potential areas for collaboration, to strengthen these programmes. The webinar was aimed at increasing understanding of how regional harmonisation can help to respond to regional food fortification needs and how it can benefit trade of fortified foods. The webinar also provided the opportunity to learn from different regulatory bodies on what is required for to strengthen on-going efforts. Our 2FAS team drew up the concept for the webinar and was responsible for drafting the programme. Together with USAID, Dora helped identify speakers and worked with them to ensure the webinar objectives were met.

The audience comprised over 230 participants on Zoom and the webinar was also live streamed on YouTube. During the webinar, there was a Q&A session for the audience, which was facilitated by the moderator, with responses given by the speakers.

The webinar was moderated by Dr. Leonard Mizzi, Head of Unit, Sustainable Agri-Food Systems and Fisheries, European Commission's Directorate-General International Partnerships. The speakers included: Mr. Shawn Baker, USAID; Ms. Dora Panagides, 2FAS; Dr. Mawuli Sablah, Catholic Relief Services (on behalf of the West African Health Organization); Ms. Carol Tom, Consultant; Ms. Mónica Guamuch, Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama; and Dr. Omar Dary, USAID.

For more information about the event, please visit the 2FAS website.