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Landell Mills launches new Environment and Water Division

News 08.01.21 Environment, water, climate change and disaster risk reduction

Landell Mills is launching a new Environment and Water division. The move reflects a growing demand for services that support the sustainable management of the environment and water resources, in support of measures to reduce climate change and enhance disaster risk reduction. The new division will enhance Landell Mills' service delivery both to its clients and to the target beneficiaries, and facilitate continued implementation of high-quality projects across the world.

Landell Mills' ongoing environment and water projects are predominantly located in Africa and Asia, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Gabon, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sudan and Viet Nam. The projects reflect Landell Mills' expertise in environmental management and assessment, biodiversity, climate change adaptation, water for food, water-related disasters, and water governance, which has been developed through a range of projects in recent years.

In a post-pandemic world, development partners are looking to ensure that economic recovery and growth is coupled with environmental stewardship and tackling climate change. We are working with our clients, including the ADB, EU, GIZ and national governments, to help ensure growth is sustainable, with particular reference to The Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Environment and Water division will be led by Pete Harrison, who has over 10 years' experience in the environment and water sectors, and is a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager (MCIWEM C.WEM) with a professional background in hydrology, flood risk and water resources. He will lead an in-house team of four, which currently works with over fifty consultants and affiliates across seven ongoing contracts.

The Environment and Water Division launched in January 2021 and complements Landell Mills' other technical and geographically focused divisions. More information about Landell Mills' Environment and Water projects can be found here.

Spreading basin constructed as part of the Kabul Managed Aquifer Recharge Project (KMARP)

Spreading basin constructed as part of the Kabul Managed Aquifer Recharge Project (KMARP)