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Landell Mills produces films to show how smallholder farmers and artisanal fishermen have benefitted from the Sudan Food Security Programme

News 11.04.19 Sudan Agriculture, fisheries, food security and nutrition

Landell Mills has produced a series of 20 short films documenting positive changes in the lives of individual farmers and fishermen who received support from the EU-funded Rural Smallholders Component of the Sudan Food Security Programme (SFSP-RSC).

The Programme, which has received management and coordination assistance from Landell Mills, focusses on rain-fed agricultural production using improved technologies of rain water harvesting and conservation agriculture in Blue Nile, Gedaref and Kassala States; in Red Sea State, the programme is improving vegetable and fisheries production.

Copyright European union 2019

Copyright European union 2019

Each film features the personal story of a farmer or fisherman and highlights their achievements, as well as the obstacles and challenges that they face in their work. The films showcase a variety of different experiences, including those who take an active interest in learning new farming practices, enjoyment of increased yields, as well as benefits to family life as a result of increased household income. They also reveal how beneficiaries have benefitted from improved housing conditions and renovations, better access to services, and an enhanced connection with the land.

Copyright European union 2019

Over the past five years, it is estimated that about 6,600 sorghum farmers have been directly exposed to and benefited from new improved practices and techniques introduced under the programme. In Red Sea State, 1,100 horticulture farmers have received training, farming inputs, such as seeds and fertiliser, and irrigation units, including 15 solar energy pumps. Meanwhile, 3,160 fishermen have been supported with equipment, training on how to make and use fish aggregating devices to attract fish, GPS, fish finders and deep-water fishing techniques. 233 Producers Associations across four States were established and registered; these cluster the resources of small-scale farmers and fisheries into groups to achieve the necessary economics of scale to engage with suppliers, sell their products in larger quantities and gain access to better marketing and credit opportunities.

The films were made from August 2018 to February 2019 and produced with funding from the EU. The programme has been running since April 2013 with a total budget of €24,850,000 and will end in November this year.

Mahgoub, Kassala

Mahgoub is a sorghum farmer in Kassala who shares how his farming has improved and how farmers associations have helped farmers in accessing improved inputs.

I applied what I had learnt in my training and at the farmer field school and I had a good harvest from my land. The harvest exceeded my expectations.
— Mahgoub

Bagrab, Red Sea

Bagrab is a vegetable grower in Red Sea who talks about how the support he received has helped him to grow his business.

Since we started the project our ambitions have grown and we have increased the area of land we are farming to meet the high demand for vegetables in Port Sudan
— Bagrab

Farmer Field School, Kassala

Farmer Field Schools are empowering women in east Sudan to take on new roles traditionally carried out by men. This has been made possible with the establishment of EU-funded Farmer Field Schools that teach female farmers about the agricultural process.

Spraying was a manâs job. Women would only keep an eye on the field. We were limited in the past, but we benefitted a lot through learning about farming practices

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