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Landell Mills supports the preparation of the third EU implementation report on food and nutrition security

News 21.12.18 Agriculture, fisheries, food security and nutrition

The Implementing EU food and nutrition security policy commitments: third biennial report was adopted by the Commission in October 2018 and was presented to the Council and the Parliament in November.

Following the adoption by the European Commission in 2010 of the EU policy framework on food security which establishes food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture among the EU's key priorities for development cooperation, progress reports have been produced regularly. The reports track progress on commitments and enhance coherence, complementarity and coordination within and between the external assistance programmes of the EU and those of its Member States in implementing their common policy on food security. The report shows that the annual financial assistance from the EU and its Member States to food and nutrition security reached €4.2 million, an increase of 14.7% since 2014 .

The third report focuses particularly on climate-resilient approaches and nutrition-sensitive agricultural practices and is available for download here.

Through the Integrated Support Service for Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (ISS-FANSSA) project, Landell Mills has supported DEVCO-C1, the unit dealing with rural development, food security and nutrition, in drafting and coordinating with Member States in the preparation of this report.

ISS-FANSSA is a technical advisory service providing support to DEVCO-C1, both to EU Delegations, as well as to C1 Policy Officers, and focuses on monitoring and evaluation, knowledge sharing and communication, gender inclusion, and land governance in the field of sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition.

The service started in January 2014 and so far it has mobilised 5,400 expert days for 150 specific assignments in support of DEVCO-C1 and 25 EU Delegations around the world.

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