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Landell Mills wins EU-funded contract to guide the distribution of EU development funds in Sudan

News 28.11.18 Sudan Fund/grant management

The European Union (EU) has awarded Landell Mills a technical assistance contract to guide EU funding allocations and increase awareness of its support in Sudan. Landell Mills’ expert team will help identify and design future cooperation programmes that align with both EU and Sudanese development priorities including migration, agricultural development, basic services and sector growth.

We will monitor the progress of current EU projects and conduct studies to identify new areas of relevant and results-oriented development initiatives. Through seminars and training workshops, the contract will raise awareness of the benefits of EU engagement in Sudan among key stakeholders, such as government staff, beneficiaries, as well as the general public.

Landell Mills’ technical assistance will also build relationships between the EU Delegation and key government stakeholders, as well as engaging with local partners and working closely with other donors to ensure synergies are created and development initiatives are efficient and effective.

The contract, Technical Assistance to the EU Delegation for Cooperation in Sudan, will run for 36 months and is expected to start in January 2019.