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New initiative set up to support Nepali farmers following earthquake

News 20.05.15 Nepal Agriculture, fisheries, food security and nutrition

Hans-Peter Schmidt is team leader for the Sustainable Rural Ecology for Green Growth* project in Nepal. He was in the countryside near Kathmandu when a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on 25 April.

The experience has changed Hans-Peter’s thinking about development and in response to the disaster he and his colleagues have set up the Nepali Climate Farming Fund. The initiative aims to support Nepali farmers by enabling them to improve farm nutrient cycles and increase crop production. Hans-Peter explains:

“When the earth still swayed with aftershocks and information about the extent of the disaster was rare we started thinking about how we could help our friends and partners in the mountain villages. Ideas for more progressive types of aid for our Nepali partner farmers finally came to us - aid that would help them shape their own future rather than having to continually rely on others.”

The fund is a private initiative set up by Hans Peter and his colleagues, and Landell Mills fully supports its aims. Learn more about the development of the Nepali Climate Farming Fund here. To support the initiative visit the Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence website.

* Landell Mills is responsible for the implementation of the Sustainable Rural Ecology for Green Growth project which has been funded by the Asian Development Bank. It explores the potential role of biochar in promoting resilience to climate change and increased productivity in rural areas of Nepal.