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Sowing the seeds for better livelihoods

News 11.04.18 Sudan Agriculture, fisheries, food security and nutrition

The Sudan Food Security Programme - Rural Smallholder Component (SFSP-RSC) has produced a 20-minute film about the impact of the programme in each of the four states where it is being implemented.

The programme aims to help small-scale producers operate on a more commercial basis. As mentioned in the film, such interventions are 'helping to nurture local people's strong attachment to their land, improving their livelihoods and, in so doing, combatting the drivers of migration from the region'.

The film opens in Red Sea State where the programme has benefitted local people by introducing new techniques and technologies into the fisheries and horticulture sectors.

The film then moves to Kassala State, where it looks specifically at the success of farmer field schools which have been implemented under the programme. Next, it moves to Blue Nile State where it shows the importance of Producers Associations. These are a key component of the programme's value chain approach which helps to commercialise smallholder production.

The film closes in Gedaref State and shows the mechanisation of rain-fed sorghum production. This is a change which has been largely instigated by the programme and is considered a 'revolution' in the smallholder sector.

Landell Mills' role has been to monitor and oversee the delivery of the programme, providing technical advice to all partners.

Watch the film below or on our YouTube Channel here.

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