Global Sustainability
Landell Mills is one of the world's leading international development consulting firms. We have been in business for over 35 years and have been active in all continents. Our mission is to assist our clients to participate actively in the global economy whilst protecting their fragile environments and vulnerable communities in the process. We work with private and public sector clients on assignments lasting from a few days to several years. Our work is usually financed by international development agencies.

Welcome to Landell Mills

Landell Mills Limited was founded in Bath, England, in 1975 by John Landell Mills and others to carry out research and to provide management services in the natural resource sectors. Some of the firm's early work included farm management in Zambia as well as advice on commodity trends and opportunities.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the company provided technical assistance and advice in many aspects of agriculture, fisheries and rural development on contracts financed by the Asian Development Bank, European Commission and the World Bank - as well as the bilateral assistance programmes of the UK government.

The 1990s was particularly active as demand for expertise increased dramatically in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union under the Phare and Tacis programmes of the EC in particular.... read more >

Landell Mills in Central Asia water and environment cooperation

The project ‘Regional Coordination and Support for the EU – Central Asia Enhanced Regional Cooperation on Environment and Water (WECOOP)’ concluded with the 3rd Working Group Meeting, which was held in Almaty on 11th and 12th June.  

Landell Mills study on community resilience to climate change now published

Landell Mills study on the measurement of community resilience to climate variability and climate change commissioned by DFID is now available online on the Evidence on Demand website

Landell Mills starts new biochar project

Landell Mills has been awarded a new ADB project to carry out the field-testing of biochar in Nepal

Expansion of Asia Division

Following the award of a number of new projects we are pleased to welcome two new Project Executives to the Asia/Pacific Division: Alex Warrington and Flavio Bellomi.